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SERA Fall Ridgewalk-Cave Hunt

The Fall Ridgewalk-Cave Hunt was established as official SERA event on 2/15/74, A different SERA organization planned and organized each ridgewalk. The SERA Fall Ridgewalk-Cave Hunt was discontinued as of 3/26/83.

Previous SERA Fall Ridgewalk-Cave Hunts

Date Host Grotto/Survey Location
Nov 16-17, 1974 Smoky Mountain Grotto Manchester, TN
Nov 1-2, 1975 Chattanooga Grotto Winchester, TN
Nov 6-7, 1976 Ft. Rucker-Ozark Grotto Florida Caverns State Park, FL
Nov 11-13, 1977 Chattanooga Grotto Sherwood Quarry, TN
Jan 27, 1979? Athens Speleological Society Pigeon Mountain, GA
Apr 12, 1980 Chattanooga Grotto Sewannee Topo
1981? Alabama Cave Survey  
Feb 20, 1982 Birmingham Grotto and/or Dogwood City Grotto? Paint Rock Valley, AL
1983? East Tennessee Grotto  

Source for data: SERA 1983 Cave Carnival Guidebook, Larry O. Blair, Larry E. Matthews, and William W. Torode, pp. 4-5 and SERA Events, Hosts, and Dates, Compiled by Larry O. Blair and Bill Bussey.