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SERA Winter Business Meeting

The SERA Winter Business Meeting is the annual meeting of SERA. It is hosted by a grotto or cave survey on a rotating basis. Typically, the morning session is a chance for all attending organizations to talk about what they have done over the past year. The official business meeting is in the afternoon in which reports are given, important issues are discussed, motions are made, grants are awarded, and the SERA Officers of the Governing Committee are elected. Each organization gets one vote.

During the meeting, there is the SERA Map Salon and the SERA Photo Salon. After the meeting, the awards committees meet to determine this years SERA Awards. During this time, other committees and groups can meet.

In the evening, there is a banquet with a speaker or presentation. The winners of the SERA Awards and the salons are announced.


SERA Winter Business Meeting Order of Refusal List

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Minutes and treasurer's reports of previous SERA Winter Business Meetings


2022 SERA Winter Business Meeting, hosted by the Georgia Speleological Survey

Saturday February 26 at 9:00 am EST
Walker County Public Library
305 S. Duke St, Lafayette, GA 30728

There will be a bbq dinner available for $20 per person. To register for the dinner, send an email with name and number of attendants to