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Closed Cave Lists

Caves are closed to protect the cave, its formations, biota, historic and archeological resources, or because the owner does not want people on his/her property or in his/her caves for one reason or another. Some caves are always closed while other caves are open only at certain times of the year or with special permission or requirements of the landowner. These lists provided include many of the more widely known caves and are by no means an exhaustive list of the open status of all caves in the southeast. You are ultimately responsible for obtaining proper permission from the landowner before entering their caves.

Closed and Limited Access Caves of TAG
List of closed and limited access caves in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.
Maintained by the Dogwood City Grotto.
Significant Bat Cave List
List of restricted access bat caves in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.
Maintained by the Nashville Grotto and the Central Basin Grotto.