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Larry S. Adams Landowner Appreciation Award

The Southeastern Regional Association (SERA) Larry S. Adams Landowner Appreciation Award is named in honor of Larry Adams, who provided leadership and served in various capacities for SERA and local grottos. Larry organized and helped host several SERA Summer Cave Carnivals and Southeastern Regional Association (SERA) Winter Business Meetings; assisted with planning and organizing the 1989 NSS Convention, and served as Nashville Grotto Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Safety and Rescue Committee Chair. Larry was a caver role model for good cave landowner relations. His ability to communicate and establish relationships with landowners provided cavers access to caves with sensitive owner relations. He helped other cavers develop their own landowner relation skills. This award recognizes individuals or groups who are landowners or land managers in the Southeast United States whose efforts have been in the interest of SERA cavers. These people have demonstrated that they care not only about their caves and their property, but about cavers as well. And by their nomination, cavers obviously care about them. The award intends not only to recognize previous contributions but also to encourage future cooperation and contributions.


The Criteria for the SERA Larry S. Adams Landowner Appreciation Award is as follows.

1. The Larry S. Adams Landowner Appreciation Award will be given to an individual or group who owns land or manages land in the Southeastern United States or whose efforts are in the interests of SERA.

2. The recipient has been friendly to cavers.

3. The recipient will be protective of caves, karst, and all resources therein.

4. The recipient will have made contributions to caving through continuing good relations and cooperation with the caving community.

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The SERA Larry S. Adams Landowner Appreciation Award may be awarded on a merit basis at the annual SERA Winter Business meeting. The SERA Larry S. Adams Landowner Appreciation Award will consist of:

1. A $50.00 Cash award to the recipient.

2. A Framed Certificate, which constitutes the Award itself.

3. A Plaque bearing the recipient's name shall be displayed in the NSS Office.

4. The recipient's name will be announced in the NSS News, and made available to regional, grotto and any other appropriate publications.


Past Larry S. Adams Landowner Appreciation Award Recipients:
Year Recipient
1994 Lonnie Carr (Blue Spring Cave, TN)
1995 Dr. Ralph M. Sheppard (Scottsboro Mtn., AL)
1996 Martha Eblen Brashears (Eblen Cave, TN)
1997 Charlie Smith (Fiery Gizzard Cove, TN)
1998 Arista Gainous (Glory Hole, GA)
 1999 Glenda Reese &d Mildred Hall (Yell Cave, TN)
 2000 Jackie and Francis Loyd (McBrides Cave, AL)
 2001 Hattie Holder (Real Well, Stairstep Cave, & Undertow Cave, TN)
 2002 Sarah Choate (Bethel Cave)
2003 Cliff Adcock (Adcock Cave, Horse Cave & Blowing Saltpeter)
2004 Agnus Caughorn (Cuyler Cave - Byrd Ent., TN)
2005 Chuck Henson (TAG Fall Cave In site)
2006 Buddy Baldwin and Mark Dunnavant, (owners of Southport Saltpeter Cave)

John Pharris for Pharris Pit

2008 Not Awarded
2009 Not Awarded
2010 Jack Lynch
2011 Ronald C. Johnston
2012 John Attaway
2013 The Neal Family
2014 Ben Long
2015 Estate of Bruno Gernt / Allardt Land Company
2016 Marie Winfree
2017 Mike Cardin
2018 Robert and Anita Bay
2019 Mike Friday
2020 Jeff Haston
2021 Tommy Griffin and Melinda Sutton-Griffin
2022 The Stephens Family, WHite County, TN
2023 Gary Bradley
2024 Donnie Jewett

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