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SERA Summer Cave Carnival Order of Refusal

The SERA Summer Cave Carnival is the annual caving event of SERA. It is hosted by a grotto or cave survey on a rotating basis. It is hosted by a grotto or cave survey on a rotating basis. SERA organizations are alphabetically organized in the order of refusal. There are separate order of refusal lists for the SERA Winter Business Meeting and the SERA Summer Cave Carnival. SERA organizations are allowed to trade their position in the order of refusal with another organization. A SERA organization may also choose to co-host an event with another SERA organization.


2019 SERA Cave Carnival Right of Refusal

Flint River Grotto
Bryson City Grotto
Central Alabama Grotto
Central Florida Cavers
Chattanooga Grotto
Clarksville Underground
Clayton County Cavers
Clock Tower Grotto
Crescent City Cavers
Cullman Grotto
Dogwood City Grotto
Druid City Cavers
East Tennessee Grotto
Flittermouse Grotto
Florida Speleological Society

Gadsden Grotto
Georgia Speleological Survey
Huntsville Grotto
Jackson County Grotto
Middle Georgia Grotto
Montgomery Grotto
Mountain Empire Grotto
Nashville Grotto
Pigeon Mountain Grotto
River City Grotto
Sewanee Mountain Grotto
Six Ridges Grotto
Smoky Mountain Grotto
South Carolina Interstate Grotto
Southport Chronic Cavers
Spencer Mountain Grotto
Tampa Bay Area Grotto
Tennessee Cave Survey
Triangle Troglodytes
Upper Cumberland Grotto
Alabama Cave Survey
Athens Speleological Society
Augusta Cave Masters
Birmingham Grotto


List of Previous SERA Summer Cave Carnivals

SERA Winter Business Meeting Order of Refusal List