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Alexis Harris Conservation Award

The Alexis Harris Conservation award recognizes individuals or groups who have achieved effective cave and karst protection or preservation while allowing for caver access in the southeastern United States. They might have also protected karst biological resources, historical, or archeological sites associated with caves. This individual or group should be from the southeastern United States or their efforts should have been in the interest of cavers in the southeast. The award intends not only to recognize previous contributions but also to encourage future accomplishments and contributions.


The Criteria for the Alexis Harris Conservation Award is as follows.

1. The Alexis Harris Conservation Award will be given to an individual or group from the southeastern United States or whose efforts are in the interest of cavers in the southeast .

2. The recipient will have achieved effective cave or karst protection while allowing for caver access; or

3. The recipient will have protected karst biological resources; or

4. The recipient will have protected historical or archeological sites or artifacts associated with caves.

Download nomination form.  PDF 

The Alexis Harris Conservation Award may be awarded on a merit basis at the annual SERA Winter Business meeting. The Alexis Harris Conservation Award will consist of the following:

1. A $50.00 Cash award to the recipient.

2. A Framed Certificate, which constitutes the Award itself.

3. A Plaque bearing the recipient's name shall be displayed in the NSS Office.

4. The recipient's name will be announced in the NSS News, and made available to regional, grotto and any other appropriate publications.


Past Alexis Harris Conservation Award Recipients:
Year Recipient
1994 Southeastern Cave Conservancy
1995 John Hoffelt
1996 Chattanooga Grotto
1997 April Oberding
1998 Rob Robbins & Southport Chronic Cavers Grotto
 1999  Mark Wolinsky
 2000  Lynn Roebuck
 2001  Nashville Grotto
 2002  Pigeon Mountain Grotto
2003 Kingston Saltpeter Cave Preserve 
2004 Jim Whidby
2005 John Noel
2006 Steve and Rosemarie MacDonell
2007 Not Awarded
2008 Kristen Bobo
2009 David McRae and the Birmingham Grotto
2010 Not Awarded
2011 Central Alabama Grotto
2012 Jim Wilbanks
2013 Maureen Handler & Sewanee Mountain Grotto
2014 Cheryl Pratt
2015 Bill Putnam
2016 no  nominees
2017 no  nominees
2018 Annette Reynolds
2019 no  nominees
2020 no  nominees
2021 Mike Moser
2022 Alan and Cassie Cook

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