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SERA Map Salon Charter

SERA Map Salon Committee

The SERA Map Salon committee shall have its annual meeting at each SERA Winter Business Meeting. The purpose of the meeting shall be to conduct a map salon and to discuss the rules for the next year's salon.

The goal of the SERA Map Salon is to increase the production of cave maps in SERA and to offer mappers an incentive to improve mapping skills and techniques.

Location and date of the SERA Map Salon

The SERA map salon is to be held at SERA winter business meetings. If a different location and date are needed, they are to be decided at the previous year's salon.


Membership in the SERA Map Salon Committee is the attending body at any map salon. Voting membership is limited to current NSS members.

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is to be formed of a minimum of four individuals who will be empowered to conduct the business of the map salon in preparation for the next year's salon. This business shall included but not be limited to: obtaining awards, coordinating the preparation of the site, soliciting donations to cover expenses, soliciting entrants for the next year's salon, and coordinating with the state cave surveys. The Coordinating Committee shall be elected each year and shall serve a one year term that shall end at the end of the next year's map salon.


Each salon shall be judged by 3 individuals, two of whom, must not be part of the coordinating committee. The geographic makeup of the judging panel should reflect the composition of entrants and SERA. The judging panel shall be chosen by the Coordinating Committee prior to the Map Salon.


Cartographers entering in the map salon are not required to have any particular affiliation with the NSS nor SERA, nor reside in any particular geographic location.


The salon is to be funded through donations from individuals and organizations.


The rules for each year's salon shall be decided at the previous year's salon by the voting membership. In the event that no rules changes are decided the rules previously in place shall be in force. Copies of the rules for judging the next year's salon, shall be maintained by the Coordinating Committee and shall be distributed to individuals requesting them.


A list of the entrants and results of each Map Salon shall be forwarded by the Coordinating Committee to the SERA recording secretary for inclusion in the official SERA records. Copies of Coordinating Committee records are to be compiled and sent to the SERA recording secretary at the end of their term.

Changing the Charter

Any motion to alter the charter shall require an affirmation of two-thirds of the voting membership present at a SERA Map Salon meeting. The motion must be advertised by informing the member grottos of SERA of the proposed change in writing.


A motion to dissolve The SERA Map Committee must be affirmed by a two-thirds vote of the voting membership. Additionally in the event of the dissolution of SERA, the Map Salon shall also dissolve. Upon dissolution of the Map Committee all assets shall revert to SERA.

Approved 3/11/95 at the 1995 SERA Winter Business Meeting

Carl Anderson, Brent Aulenbach, Fred Collicott, Dave Doolin, John Hoffelt, Don Hunter, Mike Rogers, Shirley Sotona, and Bruce Zerr

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